ROPAK™ Bulk Containers

ROPAK™ has been making high quality and affordable collapsible bulk containers for many, many years, and for many companies, the ROPAK™ name has come to stand for the defacto standard of quality within the returnable packaging industry. In 2006, Orbis acquired the ROPAK™ brand name and product line from Limpac, and the ROPAK™ is now sold as Orbis\' Heavy-Duty line of containers. ROPAK™ is still a widely recognized brand, and in the used market, ROPAK™ is the brand of choice. Container Exchanger specializes in used ropaks and other used plastic bulk containers. As such, we are frequently able to sell used ropak containersand other related containers throughout the nation. We supply used ropak bulk containers to large and small companies throughout North America. Our ropak containers can take many different forms. We generally handle three types of bulk storage bins. Each type is made of a different material. We have inventories on Plastic bulk containers, Metal bulk containers, and Cardboard bulk containers.

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Ropak ContainerROPAK Product Lines

The plastic version of ROPAK’s bulk containers are usually collapsible. Here at Container Exchanger, we call them “Pallet Containers”. You can browse through our selection of used ropak containers in our Pallet Containers section. They are made from a rigid structrual foam material that is extermely strong and durable. This style of bulk container is well suited for many manufacturing applications, such as part storage or part transport. The weight capacity on bulk plastic containers varies, but generally, the capacity ranges from 1,500 lbs to 2,500 lbs. While browing the list, keep your eyes peeled for containers that fit into the following categories:

  • ROPAK 3230: 30″x32″ bulk Containers, available in 18″, 25″, 30″, 34″, and 39″ heights
  • ROPAK 4048: 40″x48″ bulk Containers, available in 16″, 25″, 30″, 34″, 39″, 42″, 48″, and 50″ heights
  • ROPAK 4548: 45″x48″ bulk Containers, available in 25″, 29″, 33″, 34″, 39″, 42″, 48″, and 50″ heights
  • ROPAK 5648: 56″x48″ bulk Containers, available in 19″, 25″, 34″, and 42″ heights
  • ROPAK 6448: 64″x48″ bulk Containers, available in 19″, 25″, 34″, 42″, and 50″ heights
  • ROPAK 7048: 70″x48″ bulk Containers, available in 19″, 25″, 34″, 41″, and 50″ heights
  • ROPAK 7848: 78″x48″ bulk Containers, available in 25″ and 34″ heights
  • ROPAK Fixed Wall: Plastic bulk containers in varying sizes that are not collapsible